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Bobalu's Honduran Cigars

Like our Nicaraguan cigars, Bobalu's Honduran cigars are dark and strong, with an extra spiciness that our more experienced smokers love.

Honduran Cabinet
This is our finest Honduran cigar. We cherry pick the finest filler and binder pair it with the best Corojo wrapper grown in Nicaragua to make this limited cabinet selection. Added aging give this cigar it.s signature taste.

Super fuerte: Orange label
Bobalu is excited to announce our revamped Nicaraguan lines of cigars. Our new orange label Super Fuerte is an aged full bodied vintage cigar aimed at the seasoned cigar smoker. The filler is a combination of superior aged Nicaraguan Viso, Honduran Lijero and Criollo 98 which is beautifully wrapped in a dark Criollo wrapper.

Bobalu's XXXL Triple Lijero
Bobalu cigar co. is proud to announce the addition of our new XXXL Triple Lijero,featuring lijero leaf from Dominican Republic,Nicaragua,and Honduras.NOT FOR THE NOVICE SMOKER!

Honduran Rojo
This is our newest and most exciting cigar line to date. These are medium to full bodied cigars using Honduran Rojo wrapper which boasts a beautiful reddish color and spicey taste deisired by so many cigar smokers today.Filler is a combination of 5 year old Cuban seed leaf from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras and Brazil.Finally each cigar is has a classic Cuban pigtail cap and unfinished foot.

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